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  • Writer's pictureClarke Wallace

Where I live, it’s been a long, cold winter.  The snow arrived early, a few inches at best,

to disappear the next day.


It was a g green Christmas . Followed by a green New Years. Woe s me!

Does it forecast winters to come will be snow-less here? Even the ski

hills an hour or so to the north had to rely on the weather staying cold. Forcing them to make their own fluffy stuff.

And cross their fingers hoping it would last even a day.

Writer’s comment: I’ve never seen anything like it. We'd have to fly out west

to the Rockies  and beyond to find it. Either that or close your eyes and pray for a

really good blast of winter next year.

Alas, it seems a long to wait for it.


  • Writer's pictureClarke Wallace

You can all but smell it, taste it, it’s that close.

Spring is almost upon us.

I enjoy the winter up until now when we’re

looking forward to warmer weather. I’m sure the birds

who stay here all winter feel the same.

The effort to continually fluff up their feathers adding  

extra warmth must become a pain in the neck.

            Today is the first I’ve felt a slight touch of warmth.

 A hint is a better way to put it.

Author’s comment: It feels as if we’ve come out of

hibernation. And look ahead to the next six months   

without hauling on heavy sweaters, coats and replace them  

instead with T-shirts or whatever.

Time to warm up the barbeque, if you haven’t used it

all winter.

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