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  • Clarke Wallace

Here is Gizmo with his pal!

Merry Christmas to all.

  • Clarke Wallace

I confess, I’m not one to watch soccer. Hold on while I explain. I liked football, and when that was over here there was always hockey. Kicking a ball around didn’t compare to running with it even when you knew someone on the opposite team would hit you and run you down. The padding helped for the hard knocks.

Here we are now with the World Cup of soccer which is played every four years. Canada lost out early and were eliminated. That should have given me reason enough to call it quits.

But no. I sneak down from my office to the solarium just to see who’s playing at the moment. I watched it mesmerized until the game was over

Take today. Sunday. France playing Poland. The television coverage is something else. From the wide screen to picking up the tense expression on a player’s face. Hits that would send you into orbit.

The intensity is beyond belief. Down goes some guy who looks as if he’ll never get back up in his feet. Up he gets, maybe slowly but he’s still in the game.

Author’s comment: Watching it, I almost feel every hit. The end comes. France 3 Poland 1. The thing about soccer, the players are always on the run. When not knocked down. This afternoon, it’s England VS Senegal. It’s already started. I’ll just go back from the office and watch for a few minutes of it.

Oh yeah?

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