• Clarke Wallace


Have you ever decided something was missing in your house, condo or whatever? It could be a kitten or a dog. The only thing holding you back; it’s one hell of a commitment.

I’ve had a dog most of my life. Apart from living where you could have a dog. Goldfish? Fine. Watching it swim around and around and around and getting nowhere would be too frustrating. For me.

We had the chance to have a pregnant German shepherd, age eight, visit us. We helped bring seven little creatures into the world and loved every messy minute of it.

We kept Coffee the mother and went on to look after her progeny. Until it was time to return them to the owner. He gave us a female.

She’s called Rebelle. She’s all of that. Yet we never find her tearing at a sock, a shoe or anything else. She has other ways of showing her independence; keeping us on our toes.

Author’s comment: Two dogs in the house. Mother and daughter. What a joy watching them react to each other. Nudging, sleeping curled up together during the day. They crawl into their own beds at night.

Let a stranger come to the solarium door and they raise one hell of a fuss, barking in their protective mode. Just as we’d hoped they would.

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