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I seem to be on a  ‘nature’  kick these days. 

Looking out my office window at the trees around

the house are hard woods; mostly maples and oaks,

their branches bare.

Little buds are appearing and wonder of  wonders

tiny leaves begin to appear and grow and stay with us

for the next six months or more.

        Soon I won’t be able to see much because my

view is a forest.

        We humans are lucky to see how Nature works.

Without us having to much if anything.  How sap moves

 up through these bulky trunks that at the moment look

dead to us in those frozen winter months. Yet they spring

to life all on their own. No real help from us.

Writer’s comment:  Warm weather arrives not at first.

Without a little chilly breeze which hangs around before

disappearing on its own. Summer is next and after what

we’ve been through we’ll welcome it with open arms.

Soon we’ll be shedding our coats and scarves and

Whatever and watch Nature take over without us

having to do little to help.

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