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hometown hero

It’s not often you get to shake hands with a local hero and come away thinking he’s one hell of a good guy. That’s all the time you get with Andrew Cogliano – a handshake -- because there’s a long, long line of others stretching down the street wanting to do the same.

He’s with the National Hockey League (NHL) Colorado Avalanche who won the Stanley Cup this past season. He shoots left, for those who might want to know.

It happened last week when Andrew (number 11on his jersey) arrived home to Woodbridge, Ontario to greet fans on sunny day. Get a good look at him in the photo (below).

The nice thing is he’s approachable and in his own unassuming way. Yet his firm handshake and smile tells you he’s just a guy who happens to play at the top of his sport.

At 35, Cogliano has played 15 seasons with the NHL. He is a forward with the Avalanche. His parents Carmen and Teri and brother Matt could not be more proud. Round it all out with his beautiful wife Allie and two darling daughters, the guy makes all of Woodbridge very proud.

Author’s comment: It goes without saying the Cup made a trip across Canada, from Halifax to British Columbia, where other Canadians on the team showed off the Stanley cup to the public. Me? I actually touched it. With no permission needed.

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