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I’m asked, though admittedly not that often, where I get my ideas for this weekly blog. Truthfully, there is no easy answer. Sometimes it comes to me during the week when I read something I want to know more about myself. Other times from what explains it the most: that when anyone reads it, they say to themselves, “I didn’t know that!”

One item that caught my eye was a newspaper headline: NORWAY HAS A BRIEF REQUEST FOR MILITARY CONSCRIPTS. Here’s a bit of what it told us. “Conscripts in Norway have been ordered to return their underwear, bras and socks at the end of their military service so that the next set of recruits can use them.”

Another was a song that brings me back to my youth. Here’s a few lines:

“Be prepared, that’s a boy scout’s marching song, be prepared

as through life you march along. Don’t solicit for your sister

that’s not nice, unless you get a good percentage of her price…”

An earlier blog was about how I find myself in two worlds. It’s working to bring ‘life’ to fictional characters and switching to my real life when I finish writing for the day.

Author’s comment: In a 2021 blog I wrote about how Halloween was the second most grossing commercial offer with Christmas topping the list. Yet another was about how many ‘old’ typewriters once given away or thrown in the trash now sell for hundreds if not thousands of dollars. An original Green Olivetti Valentine typewriter? Over $18,000.

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