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It was one of those visits for my wife Roe and I dropping by our son Nathaniel’s condo. I said something about old songs I remember but haven’t heard for quite a while.

Nathaniel grinned at me. “‘Rock around the Clock’, Pop. I remember as a kid, you working on another book. Singing out loud and ‘way off-key.”

We were on his condo deck when ‘Rock around the Clock’ burst out from inside.

He joined us. “What else from your past? ‘Shake, Rattle and Roll’? Or from Bill Haley’s Greatest Hits?”

“You asked for it,” I said. “Erroll Garner’s ‘The Nearness of You’? Some Beatles’ originals.”

Then it hit me. “You’ve got all these packed away somewhere?”

“Not packed away,” he said. “Google Smart speaker They’re all there. You just say aloud, 'Hey Google,' and mention the song you want to hear.”

I tried it. “Hey Google, play something from Erroll Garner’s Concert by the Sea.”

And there it was, coming loud and clear.

Author’s comment: Can you believe it? Google works with Apple Music. For six bucks a month. Thousands of tunes and one you can hear by calling out, ‘Hey, Google…”

For those working at home alone wanting something to break the silence, this is it. ‘Hey Google, I want to hear ‘Rock Around the Clock again.” You want something classical? It’s all yours.

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