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There are times you should listen to the woman in your life, for those who are lucky enough to have one. They also do a better job listening, when it’s the other way around.

I noticed a handwritten note leaning against the printer in my office:

Feb 2 2021



That guy with that array of formidable tools at his disposal. How did Roe ever remember my appointment when I had long forgotten it?

Nothing, I’m sure, pisses off a dentist more than waiting patiently for the patient who doesn’t show up. I’m probably in the majority who don’t like going to the dentist unless, I suppose, you can leave your teeth there for a cleanup and pick them up later.

It’s Sunday morning, and I’m sipping my coffee in the kitchen before heading down the corridor to my office, when she muttered aloud, “I can’t believe those who build refrigerators can do it so badly?”

I glanced at our two-year-old GE model. It’s tall with a chrome finish. It barely makes a sound when plugged in. It replaced the old one when it couldn't keep the milk cold enough. Or the beer.

“This one is great,” she replied. “The other one had the freezer on top. You had to bend over to find whatever you needed from the main part if the ‘fridge. This one makes more sense. Main fridge on top, frozen compartment below. Less bending.

Roe smiles at me. “Unless it’s you, having to reach down for your beloved chocolate ice cream.”

Author’s comment: Roe came into the office this morning handing me a fresh, hot coffee. She had a problem, she said, in making tonight’s dessert. Apple strudel. “I’m always confused whether to use filo pastry or puff pastry. I decided on the filo pastry.”

When I asked why not puff pastry, she shrugged.” Because I haven’t any.” Hmm. Women solve problems so easily, when we men take time to ponder over the smallest of decisions.

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