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I mentioned an article last week in the Toronto Star

by staff reporter Kevin Jiang about a good night’s sleep.

I was wide awake when reading it. There’s more than

what I squeeze into it.

For instance the teaser 'Why can’t I fall asleep at night?'

He wrote about a wide range including: stress, anxiety

or depression. With stress being incompatible with sleep. That’s right on.

"Your mind and body,” he tells us, “must be in a relaxed state."

He also suggested you might decide to reduce the amount

of light you’re exposed to in the evenings.

He quotes Eva Libman as saying, consider wearing sunglasses in

the evenings - inside? - if it’s still sunny outside. And keep your bedroom dark

for the same reason.

Writer’s comment: Ms. Libman again: “There’s no sleeping pill

that can give you back natural sleep.” Ah, and this: she recommends

not turning on the bathroom light when you go for a pee. There's


if you’re still awake in bed after twenty minutes, leave the bed, the bedroom

and do something . Anything. Try reading a book.

That’s enlightening.

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