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He really did that?

There we were, wife Rosanne, son Nathaniel and 

myself having a dinner at Earl’s in Woodbridge.

 When ready to leave we asked for the bill.

           It had already been paid,  the waiter told us. Who we asked ?

 He pointed to an empty table where two guys had been

sitting. He didn’t know either of them. One had asked

 for our bill, paid it and left.

What we had ordered was drinks, appetizers

enough for a dinner, along with Irish coffees .

            A  stranger sitting not far off had paid for everything. We looked


He was gone. With the wind, as the saying goes.

Author’s comment: Why us? A  happy family out for the

evening. When a  perfect stranger who we will never

know did what he did.  A gesture never to be forgotten.

Thank you, whoever you are.

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