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Look at the date above. We’re all but halfway through

the first month of the year 2024. I look back at those

two weeks wondering what I’ve accomplished.

That’s being a little hard on myself. After all

hanging in through the Christmas holidays ending in

the start of a new year -- and coming out of it in one

piece is an accomplishment in itself.

If there is anything bothersome, it’s looking

back on the previous year and noticing what I hoped

to accomplish and never did.

Like typing with all my fingers. Not two; one on each hand.

It means me looking at the keyboard for the next letter.

. The next space. A new paragraph.

I’ve worked on books, screenplays over the years, apart

from other stuff, with two fingers. I’m fairly quick, mind yet

yearn for a time when I’m looking at the screen as my fingers

fly over the keys. My mind meanwhile is plotting the next move..

AUTHOR’S COMMENT: If only there was some way to type

with more than two fingers, I’d be over the moon. Then it hits

me. I’m writing down exactly what I want, so why worry?

Amen to that.

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