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Hospitals are closing across the country mainly because of the lack of nurses. Where are they? What are they doing? When we’ve always relied on them, and find ourselves caught up in one ailment or another?

I’ll tell you where they are. They’re quitting their jobs in droves because they're pushed to the point of exhaustion.


My wife, Rosanne, is a registered nurse who spent 31 years working on the front lines. She's with a private medical clinic now, although she returns the hospital when nursing staff call pleading with her to do an 8-hour shift.

Here’s what’s wrong. Not paying nurses enough to live on. Take the province of Ontario and Premier Doug Ford. He’s thinking of giving hospital nurses a one dollar an hour raise. Thinking of it! One dollar, for God’s sake.

When he’s thinking of offering union workers in another field seven dollars an hour more. Nurses work their buns off. They are both physically and mentally drained these days when short staffed because of being worn out.

Author’s comment: Nurses are the lifeblood who dedicate their lives to save others. They are there when we're caught in some dilemma and don’t know how to handle it. Premier Ford can’t see, or won’t bother to see the problem. Maybe if he needed sudden hospital care and arrived in the Emergency Department -- arrived by ambulance? -- he’d have a better idea what angels nurses are, bar none.

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