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  • Writer's pictureClarke Wallace

Some time ago I had an idea for a screenplay

floating around in my head. I’ve written novels,

but this was a different approach.

You can take classes on how to write them.

And pay for it.

            I came up with what I thought for me was a better idea.

I bought several published screenplays at Staples, read them through

how many times (?) and made notes learning how it was done.

Writer’s comment: I have worked on several screenplays, one

having been picked up. And this with two main characters who are women

lawyers. Here’s the gist of it:

                                           WYATT VS WYATT.

Several years ago Martha Wyatt gave up practicing law to

raise a family. Today she’s back in court to face someone

as tough as she is compassionate. Her daughter!

  • Writer's pictureClarke Wallace

What’s above needs more than one exclamation mark.

There should be many (!!!!!) of them. The truth is I seldom                                                                                                         

if ever throw anything out.

It’s a bad habit that began when I was a kid keeping

small, stuffed animals.

            Sweaters came along when as an adult I discovered  

those made from 100 percent pure, soft cashmere. They’re

comfortable and never ever lose their shape and look

like new.                                                                                                                                                       

Author’s comment: It’s gone beyond me, collecting sweaters.

Take my desk. How I find anything on it is a miracle. I’d give

anything to start over with a clean slate. A clean desk. Knowing

that will never happen.

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