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  • Writer's pictureClarke Wallace

I’ve worked from home for more years that I

can remember. I’m asked if I miss the company

of others during the day.

My work is mostly solitary as it is, which means

I’m used to it.

Then again I’m far from alone, with two large

German Shepherds to keep me company. They

push my office door open with their snouts,

come over to make sure if I’m okay.

Satisfied, they head out to the long wood

deck, stretch out and soak up the sun. What a life.

Writer’s comment: Writing mostly fiction, it‘s

something to see how characters develop as if on

their own. It takes rewrite after rewrite –

sometimes longer to get it right.

  • Writer's pictureClarke Wallace

Have you ever finished your coffee while working say

at your desk only to forget turning off the small unit

 that keeps it warm?

You or someone else hopefully finds it’s still on.

        I discovered this warmer (see below) which shuts itself off

when the cup is picked up. It turns itself on when put back

in its place.

You set the temperature at whatever works for you.

Writer’s comment: It’s knowing when finishing your

coffee you don’t have to fret about leaving the darn  

thing on. A simple thing; it might make your day.

It does mine.

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