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Start writing isn’t the answer. It’s deciding what to write. Then a theme strong enough to hold the reader's attention for some two years. Or more.

For anyone reading this and couldn’t care less about writing one, we’re talking fiction, close the blog and do something worthwhile. I appreciate you opening it to begin with.

For those who are curious, you will spend one heck of a time separating a bunch of ideas floating around in your head. If one of them hits you, off you go.

I’ve been polishing my ninth book. Going over the characters until each bounces off the page. Same with the plot. With touches of humor but not enough to kill the story. Catch a reader’s imagination or the game’s over.

Finish the first draft – rough as it is – and you’ll have a problem wiping the silly grin off your face. Only then does the work begin.

Author’s comment: I recently signed with a U.S publisher to bring out my ninth book of fiction. It’s called ‘COWBOY. It’s about…. ah, read it when it comes out in some six months to find out.

Many of us have a problem ditching Christmas trees after the fun’s all over. It’s already D AY ONE: 2023. Making sure all the ornaments have been removed. Check again. You’re bound to fine some hidden away where you can’t see 'em. Pack them away until the next Christmas comes along.

You’ve got needles falling off on the living room floor. You toss the tree out the back door and try to forget about it.

Each time you go in the backyard, there it is, an eyesore.

Look at it this way: Birds fly into it and disappear in what’s left of the greenery. Think of it as a winter habitat for birds and other small wildlife. You can help them out by filling pinecones with peanut butter and put them in there.

Your old Christmas tree becomes a habitat for them over the winter months with evergreens offering a safe haven for birds and small animals.

Author’s comment: What might be worth looking into: Does your municipality have a drop-off site where you leave your tree, along with others doing the same, which are chipped up and used as compost? Now that’s a bright idea.

Happy New Year. And let’s make it a good one.

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