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Looking back have you ever wondered what life

would be if you hadn’t made such a a decision,

say, about buying a wood stove?

I’m looking at our wood stove. The house had

been built and what the solarium needed at the time

was a wood stove.

We found several locally. The color we decided on

was a blue one, not too light, not too dark.  

It came with a big difference in price - the smaller

version a lighter metal while the other was of cast iron

and weighing some four hundred pounds.

Then it hit us. We’ll blow the budget and buy the heavier,

more expensive one. It would help heat our home during

the colder months.

AUTHOR’S COMMENT: We buy two bush cords of split hardwood

delivered  each autumn. We pile it all up close to the house. The heat

and delightful scent keeps the smiles on our faces all winter long.

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