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A wild turkey landed on the corner of our roof. It sat

there for some time without blinking. As if it owned the place.

They’re omnivorous: not fussy eaters. They munch

on grass and grain. And wild seeds keep them happy.

I waited to see if it blinked. I gave up and blinked first.

The bird has an average of 5,000 feathers with 18 of them

tail feathers. They see in color and make that slight gobbling sound

when expressing themselves.

Their daytime vision is three times better than ours: five times

better at night. They use their skinny yet strong legs to protect themselves.

They are inquisitive to those who know them.

Author’s comment: They can run at 25 miles an hour and fly at 50 mph.

It’s wonder how they do it while carrying such bulk around.

Look at him sitting up on the roof.

Photo credit-Roe

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