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I lived in the south of France in the Dordogne region – yes, I shouldn’t mention it too often -- for a while and took the red wine to heart. It surprised me lately when roaming through a liquor store here to find a bottle from my old haunts.

Imagine my delight when noticing a Chateau Clarke (Baron Edmond de Rothschild) 2016.Listra-Medoc’ The cost? $50. Clarke with an ‘e’. We have something in common.”

Nor was it expensive. $50 a bottle. (750 ml) Less expensive is $30.

Unless you want a more expensive one? Rau-Segla Margauz Bordeau. A thousand dollars.

What could be better than unscrewing the cork of a Listra-Medoc and hearing the ‘pop’!

For those who want know, it is 70% Merlot 30% Cabernet.

Author’s comment: I’m no wine snob or expert and there are a number of red wines on the market. It’s the unique shape of the bottle, corked that gives me that wonderful feeling of drinking it with a good meal. Or from the bottle. Votre santé, oui?

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