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‘TEN BENEFITS of having a German Shepard’, popped

up on my laptop lately. I couldn’t help but grin and nod

at the same time as I read the list.

Number One was particularly right on: ‘An alarm clock.’

At one time, my wife Rosanne reminded me, I would never

have a dog in our bedroom at night. Scratching and little noises

come to mind.

‘Coffee’, the name came with her, never entered the

the bedroom because the door was all but closed.

We leave it slightly ajar now for whatever reason. There’s

often a rustling in the middle of the night. Followed by

Dead Silence. Then another rustling.

This time it’s Rebelle, our four-year-old German Shepherd who

dislikes sleeping alone. She comes in behind her mother and

pushes her snout against my face. She licks it to see if I’m awake.

Or still breathing.

Writer’s comment: Both dogs, Coffee and Rebelle her daughter are

our two--in-one Home Alarm System. Their loud barks, if needed,

would be as good as their bites.

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