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  • Writer's pictureClarke Wallace

If there is anything I’d like to have learned in my life

is typing with more than two fingers. Looking down

at them, it’s the forefingers who do all the work.

Why is it in all the time I spent in school no bright,

thoughtful teacher didn’t look around her class and

decide what had to be done. They should learn to type!

Then again, why didn’t I, fresh out of university and wanting

to write for a living, think it might be helpful to type with all

all my fingers instead of two of them?

Writer’s comment: Is it too late, I ask myself, to learn how

to type the real way? How? By picking up one of those

books telling me HOW TO TYPE IN FIVE EASY STEPS?

It’s a thought. If my four fingers can all work together.

  • Writer's pictureClarke Wallace

I’m fortunate to look back on my family history written by

generations over the years.

It began with Nathaniel Wallace packing up his bunch

in Carney, County Sligo, Ireland in 1873. They sailed across

the ocean to settle here in Woodbridge, Ontario. Canada.

Nathaniel and his brothers built the house (seen here) on the

the main street. Nor did they waste time setting up The

Dominion Exchange and building the Inkerman Hotel on what

would be village’s main street.

Captain Nathaniel also built houses for his sons and their

families, history tells us.

The same home is a busy place these days after being closed

for three years due to the nasty pandemic.

It’s back now to its old self with activities including Bridge on

Wednesday afternoons. Knitting on Thursday mornings with

Quilting in the afternoon. A Coffee Drop-In happens every Friday morning.

A Writing Group takes over the Wallace House on Saturdays ‘to express

your inner author’ as they call it.

Writer’s comment: Lurking in the shadows are contractors salivating over

this acre-plus site. They’d demolish the old home to build a six-level - if not

higher – condo on this beautiful old main street.

We need to preserve the heritage and culture of the location.

Without history to look back on we have very little. We will all

be damned if it will happen. As the saying goes: ‘we’ll fight ‘em tooth and nails.’

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