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It is one thing for the government to remind us -- or better suggest -- maybe we shouldn’t be drinking as much as we do.

They told us the same thing about smoking. Then did something about it. They labeled the cigarette package with all sorts of dire warning that you might well be killing yourself.

I’m not sure whatever else it did, but there’s little question it worked.

Not totally but enough to make a difference.

About drinking. Here they raised the taxes on the package reminding us in a subtle way it might be a good idea.

Many of us took the suggestion it might be a good idea.

Whatever it seemed we might have taken it to heart because we aren’t drinking as much. Getting a little older might have

something to do with drinking less.

But only subtly less. Having a glass of wine with dinner. Less than every night. Only when we felt like it. Not with dinner if having drink before dinner.

Thinking about it now, while reading what I’ve written

so far, wow! It seems we might be drinking too much.

For some reason we seem to be drinking less. Over the past few years, No wine with dinner. No alcoholic sip before dinner?.

Why? it didn’t seem to fit in.

Now there’s a point in saying all this. Its because the provincial government, In Ontario, is now telling us to start only having Two drinks a week. That includes beer.

Authors comment: Does that irk you as it does me? I don’t want any authority telling me

outright I shouldn’t be drinking more. Even when we don’t indulge in alcohol each night.

Sure remind us not to drink alcohol too much, but to insist not having more than

two drinks a week.

It almost gives you the feeling you’ll drink more just because the government is poking around in your own personal life where they don’t belong.

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