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We have one of those wire containers hanging outside my double office door. It holds suet cake for the birds to feed on over the winter months.

Heaven only knows where they come from, those hardy enough who refuse to fly south for the winter.

They line up on the railing of our wood deck waiting their turn in full view through the double glass door as I work at my desk.

You can’t believe they're there all day; one cake lasting through the week. Almost. Even the bigger birds seem to wait their turn when smaller ones are eating, though this might be my imagination working overtime.

Among them are the cardinals, nuthatches, chickadees and woodpeckers and the tough little sparrows.

Authors comment: Friends ask if I’m bored being alone all day, my wife Rosanne working away from home. How could I be bored, I tell them, when we’ve got two German shepherds dropping by the office to see if I’m okay. Along with the wonderful birds flying in for lunch. Or dinner. Or even for an early breakfast.

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