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That’s the only way to describe the Tour de France. What the Globe

and Mail calls it ‘cycling's most challenging race and perhaps the greatest competitive

challenge’. For me it captures the imagination. Fully.

The Tour has 21 stages over three weeks for a total of 3,400 kms.

There are 22 teams, eight riders each.

The first two days of competition began in Bilbao, Spain.

From there it goes into France, and over the Pyrenees and the Alps.

That includes racing through The Massif Central, the Jura mountains

and the Vouges.

Author’s comment: It comes to an end in Paris with the usual ride

down the Champs-Elysees. I’m blown away watching it. There are thrills

and chills that keeps me glued to the TV. When the segment is over,

I’m drained. The teams work together, with usually one of the members

pedaling ahead. With the usual screwups.

It’s a grueling race with upsets and individual, tough challenges.

Believe me, it’s worth watching.

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