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A relative of mine emailed me a message. He had received an official letter, both languages, telling him how he had failed to stop when turning right at an intersection. It began with the heading RED LIGHT CAMERA SYSTEM OFFENCE NOTICE.

It included photos: One showing a car stopped at an intersection then turning right. Another showed his car’s licence plate, including the wheels on one side going in a straight line. Before he turned.

What else was included was the 16.3 seconds when the vehicle turned right the intersection with the light had been red for 17.9 seconds.

What does this mean? He stopped? Sure he had. Subtract 16.3 seconds from the 17.9 seconds and you get 1.6 seconds. He had stopped for one and a half seconds, saw no traffic and turned right.

There is small box at the bottom of the page which tells you: Set fine $260. Below it: The small print in brackets: ‘includes set fine, applicable victim fine surcharge and total costs:


Author’s comment: This is the nonsense. When every little detail of our lives seems to be watched by someone in authority. On cameras and God knows what else. I’m not paranoid. I’m pissed off.

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