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Give me a good reason why we hold onto ‘Daylight Saving time’. It should’ve been done away with years ago. But no, it hangs on to annoy us. Especially when the days are getting longer. Brighter.

The reason for Daylight Saving Time harkens back, if I’m right, to farmers who benefited from the extra hour of daylight. We drop it at this time of year when the days are getting longer anyway.

You might say Daylight Saving Time doesn’t make much difference. Oh yeah?

Take this Sunday morning. I woke up from a dead sleep, open my eyes wide enough to see the clock on the dresser. It’s 7 AM. I glance at the other clock across the room – don’t ask why we have two clocks in the bedroom. It tells me it’s 8 AM. This one has a mind of its own by changing the time all by itself. That’s when it comes to me:

AUTHOR’S COMMENT: Surely some bright soul in government might clue in to how useless this change is coming twice a year. When it would be so easy to drop changing the hour. Like many of us waking up - especially on a Sunday morning, wipe sleep from our eyes and try to figure out the real time. Then it hits me.

Spring Ahead, Fall Back

How easy as that. Spring ahead when the winter season is all but over. Though Nature might have one more blast of snow under her belt.

I’ve already seen early spring wild flowers poking their heads up in the nearby woods. Bless ‘em. I’m ready for warmer weather. Aren’t you?

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