• Clarke Wallace


November comes around and you tell yourself winter isn’t far behind. And what have you done to prepare for it? If you’re like me, you’ve put it off...

I leave it until the last minute. What smartens me up is the first real blast of snow. What do I say to myself? Where in hell did I leave my winter boots last spring? Which cupboard, or did they take up residence somewhere else? The attic? Under the stairs?

I’m only saying this in hopes it might get you off your butt and prepare for what’s ahead.

I have a hooded coat with the wood toggles hanging somewhere in the house. Where? Or the shorter, heavier leather bomber jack with the thick, fuzzy wool collar that covers the ears. It’s just long enough to keep the bum warm.

Either could be in one of several closets, or hanging in the front hall. To say nothing of hunting down warm gloves that should be easy to find, but never is. Maybe they’re with the tuques I put away in early spring.

Why-oh-why can’t I have one spot where all the winter clothes are tucked away? What a joy it would be to open a drawer or cupboard and there is everything waiting for me.

Like my turtlenecks tucked away in the bottom drawer of a five-drawer dresser. They once shared space with my cotton longjohns. I don’t have those any longer probably because it’s not my legs that get cold. I concentrate on good, warm thick-soled boots. The kind with the heavy inner boot you can pull out, for whatever reason.

Scarves. There’s nothing like a good, warm scarf wrapped around your neck and tucked into your winter coat.

Author’s comment: You have snow tires? Why not get them out of the basement, garage or wherever and pile ‘em up where you can’t miss bumping into them? Set a deadline, the 15 November say, to have friends at your local garage put them on your vehicle. I tried to change my tires to the winter variety several years ago. It was a disaster! They’re so awkward, so heavy.

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