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Bought a new car lately? How long will it take to learn all its many functions? Or are you still working on it?

Your key will open the car door while in a pocket or purse. Leave it there to start the engine.

No gearshift! Push button for D, R, or N.

There’s a sexy digital screen in front of you replacing the old dashboard, and a larger one to the right giving you more stuff.

This screen has all the information about the car. EVERYTHING. I promise it will take weeks to figure out the myriad of things the car can do for you.

Examples: ‘Using the touch screen’, ‘using the home screen’ Then there’s ‘Using the all-menus screen or the spilt screen'. All while driving? Hmm.

There’s one that gives you the sounds of nature. Or how to connect with the Blue tooth device, if you have one.

While driving at night it takes a while to realize you don’t have to touch anything to go from high to low beam when a vehicle comes in the opposite direction. And back again, all by itself.

Author’s comment: I’ve only mentioned a few of the innovations. Window wipers turn on sniffing out an approaching rainstorm. Or when you turn off the engine and open the driver’s door to get out, your seat shifts back on its own, giving more room to swing your legs out. What more could you ask for?

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