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I had a desk in my small home office which sucked up

whatever I put on it. Until I couldn’t find anything I wanted

in the mess I’d created.

                I talk myself into thinking the solution was a larger desk.

Not new or expensive. Yet one big and wide enough to do the job.

I had come into Toronto from Woodbridge to poke around

in the older business district to see what might be available.

I was surprised when I found what I wanted in an old

antique shop. It was an old pine desk. Seven feet long and

four feet wide.

I shook it to see if it wobbled. Brought on when one old leg

over time is shorter than the other three. No wobble. And sturdy.

It had two large drawers on the same side. Perfect.            

Author’s comment: There was a problem. How to get it home.

I’d come in my two-door Miata sports car not thinking  I’d find

what I wanted. In one trip. I tied it down on the Miata with both

ends going well out beyond the car. I got it home in one piece.

More good luck than good management.

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