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I’m not talking about the end of the year - which isn’t far off – but the end of the Canadian football season. It’s come down to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers VS the Hamilton Tiger Cats. Today. Sunday. Depending on where you live across the country. With Hamilton having the hometown advantage.

My only concern, maybe even complaint, is having to wait until six o’clock before they take to the field. And differing times from where you are across the country.

I’d like it better at a 3 PM start, but the Blue Bombers have appropriated that time slot.

What the heck, it’s a game worth watching, The East versus the West. What could be better? Built-in rivalry every year.

I like our Canadian football game compared the U.S. counterpart with four downs to move the ball. We've shaved it to three, which seems a tighter, more exciting game.

The Ticats beat out the Toronto Argonauts this year in the finals to go onto the Big Game. I’m sorry about that, except it’s great to see this game played in Hamilton which gives Hamiltonians more to cheer and jump around about.

If there is any edge in winning, it might go to the Bombers with 12 wins to 3 this season as opposed to 9 to 6 the Tiger Cats.

Author’s comment: With no Argonaut team to cheer for this year, we’ll jump up and down waving our arms while sloshing down beer and munching on barbequed chicken wings whenever a touchdown is scored.

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