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There are things around the house needing to be replaced. If you’re like me, you shrug it off thinking it still has life in it. The stove, maybe. Or the coffee table that has permanent stains in one corner.

Other things make me cringe, but I do nothing about them. Even when visitors look at them and sigh. Like them coming into the solarium, their glances go to the brown leather matching sofas. Ugh.

The seats on both two-seaters are scratchy and discolored; a sharp contrast to the rest of the sofas’ rich brown coloring.

These seats take a lot of punishment in a room used more than any other. We looked online for help, and ended up buying a small jar of leather repair for 35$US. It was a total waste of money.

We decided the sofas would have to be replaced. Soon, if not sooner. That’s when a miracle happened.

I was poking around in a closet when I pulled out an old, small travel bag we keep for odds and ends. I found a small bottle of KIWI brand liquid shoe polish. Same color as the sofas. If it works on shoes, Rosanne suggested, why not on the eather seats?

It took a while to rub it in, and polish it. I finally stepped back to see the results. Those seats looked, well almost, brand new. Shoe polish to the rescue!

Author’s comment: An aside... I'm not alone in deciding what to buy a wife for her birthday. I sweat over it. I picked up some things I hoped might work. I decided it wasn’t enough. I added a dozen fresh red roses. (see below). They put a big smile on her face. On mine too. Let’s hope they do the same for you.

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