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God only knows. I publish one every Sunday. A thought of what I might say/write often comes to me during the week. It catches

my imagination. I say to myself, “write it down or you’ll forget it.”

That’s why I carry a small notebook. To write things down I want

to remember. I forget sometimes when I’m busy working on

something else.

I write blogs because it helps keeps my mind on its toes. It clicks with

an idea and away I go. I read it over, make changes until it’s what I want

to say. It’s done. I hit ‘send’.

My writing life began at the St. Thomas Times Journal when they

were desperate enough to find someone, anyone, to write obits.

Writer’s comment: I learned damn fast never to screw up misspelling a

a dead person’s name. It could mean being fired on the spot. Or worse

having an irate reader - a warm, close relative of the deceased - break down the

editorial door looking for the sonofabitch who screwed up their beloved

great aunt’s name.

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