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You hear there’s a world hockey final this (Sunday) afternoon at one pm. Wow! That’ll be a good way to spend time watching it on TV. What could be better!

It suddenly strikes you that it’s women’s hockey. I’m pleased as punch. Women playing rough and tumble sports (on TV) at one time only played by men.

Come on, Clarke, get out of the middle ages. The wonderful thing is, women in different sports is picked up on TV.

It’s about time. Catch teams on television playing hockey and you’d think you were watching a men’s game. Until you catch knotted hair sticking out behind the helmet.

You’ll find lots of rough and tumble when women are playing. Take hockey. There is a certain finesse when women play where they are not shy in giving each other hard knocks,

They work together as a team, close knit with passing, sharing the puck between them.

Author’s comment: Today it’s the world women volleyball finals with Canada taking on Serbia. Have you ever? Amazing Race weekly series has both men and women team up together. Women have finally come into their own. In TV sports. God bless ‘em.

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