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Why is it when I end my break, odds are someone will s walk up the long driveway to pound on the door.

“I’m selling the things you probably don’t need or

want,” she said. “You don’t know where to put

them anyway. Or you hid them?” She gave me

small handful and went away before I could react.

“Look what I found,” my wife said popping

into my home office. “I’ve been looking at these.”

She took a handful of the ‘stuff’ and marched

off with a smile on her face

Writer’s comment: I was talking to another friend.

He said, “Find a drawer your wife seldom uses. Up

in the attic is a real good place for stuff like that. “

I was climbing up several days later with the same

junk when my wife came home. “Where are you off to,”

she said matter-of-factly.

”Checking for mice, “ I murmured.

“Good idea. We should do it more often.”

My grin was bigger than hers.

The chocolates were all mine!

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