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What I like most, it’s a passion of mine, are westerns. Books or films. Whatever. Lots of horses, good guys, bad guys. A snappy beginning and an ending the reader doesn’t expect.

Is that too much to expect? No really.

Start off with a good premise.

What if a cowboy, Jake, is dragged back to the 1880s or thereabouts. He must deal with an untimely death or face the consequences.

How did he get there and why?

Records show, says one Spirit to the other, that Jake shouldn’t have died so young.

Why not bring someone from the future who could pass for him? And take his place. There’s a certain timeline or Jake must face the consequences.

The characters must be well developed. Good dialogue. Touches of humor to keep them real. A woman, gutsy, warm, with a sense of herself can’t help but fall in love with Jake.

Author’s comment: Keep the action flowing with an ending that the reader doesn’t expect. Why not throw in a screenplay about it as well? Hmm…

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