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Whales talk in their own language. Really. This came

from Nature Communications. Their study shows how

sperm whales talk to each other in their own way.

          Mind, they have the largest brains of any animal. Not only

that, they can dive down 6,000 feet to find their next meal.

Their favorite meal are giant squid among other delightful


They make deep dives together, far below what humans

can reach. Some have, but not often.

          It seems the whales  make clicking sound by squeezing

air through their respiratory system. They also

use a ‘zipper-like ‘noise to talk to each other. They also use

 this to find prey.

Writer’s comment: It seems sperm whales have families

and seem to have a sense of identities. They even make group

decisions as a family. A Canadian biologist, Shane Gero, helping

 to decode a whale’s  phonetic alphabet.

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