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I can hear the grunts and whispers of ‘screw this’ from those reading the slug above. I can only urge you not to hit ‘delete’ because I’m talking about ‘male dogs VS females dogs’. As pets.

Think hard when deciding to bring home one or the other. There’s one heck of a difference, both having odd ways of living with humans.

Two years ago, Rosanne and I decided we’d enjoy having another dog around the place. We have fair room for one to run about. Say a German shepherd again? We’ve had a number over the years, then switched to less ambitious pooches.

We both must’ve had shepherds in mind because we ended up at a kennel breeding them exclusively. We were introduced to Coffee, an eight-year-old shaggy matron with thick fur and warm eyes that look right through you.

The breeder, Mauro, asked if we could take her and deliver an upcoming brood of pups. Why not? A new experience. We bought a kiddy pool, dumped it in a back bedroom and picked up Coffee who had spent her life in kennels producing pups. Forty total? A minimum.

When we handled a second batch for him, Mauro retired Coffee from active duty. He asked if we could keep her. Permanently. We jumped at this saying yes, yes, with Mauro suggesting we choose a pup from this litter as well, at no expense.

Two females; one a retiree, the other? A newborn? Heck, why not?

He pointed to the new batch telling us to pick one. We chose Rebelle, a name that suited

her personality.

AUTHOR’S COMMENT: Two female dogs in our house. Mother and daughter. Roe and I found them quite different from having male shepherds. They’re less aggressive, more loving in quieter ways. But don’t tell them to be respectful when a stranger knocks on the solarium door. They'll bark and growl and jump up and down, giving whoever approaches a moment to reflect on turning away or facing the music. (Rosanne Wallace photo)

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