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Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Whoa! I’m not talking about what you’ve been hearing on radio, seeing on television or in print. Where those in the media, working mostly from home, keep us in minute by minute touch how the Covid-19 is causing havoc around the world.

STAY SAFE! STAY HOME! I’ve been doing that for God knows how many years, writing for television, radio then into books and screenplays, and enjoying it. I’m lucky that way. Mind, I do a lot of talking to myself. Even answering back.

Or having discussions with our two German Shepherds who wander into the office to check to see if I’m okay. They often stay a while, both at once.

It’s Sunday. Blog time. But first I turn on CBC Radio1 to catch Michael Enright’s Sunday Morning. Three of the best hours with beyond interesting interviews, and his take on what’s going on in the world. Like the dreaded Covid-19.

D’you know what I find fascinating about the pandemic? It’s turned things upside down. Take the negative. A minus sign on my algebra exams. Whatever, negative meant a bad situation.

Now negative is a good situation. Some hear it and jump for joy.

Positive used to mean life’s a ball. And now? If you have yourself checked for having the frightening Covid-19, and the results turn out positive, your world falls apart.

In a nutshell? Positive, once good, now means bad. Negative, once bad, now means good.

You’re a truck driver. You spend a lifetime on the road. You always stop at the same place at the same time, pulling up at Tim Hortons. Go inside for a leak, I’m talking both genders here, then pick up a large double/double and you’re back on the road.

No longer. The doors are locked. Only the drive-through is open. You can’t drive through the drive -through because there’s no room for your big rig.

Park and walk over to the drive-through window. Those behind it shake their collective heads. No, no. We can’t serve you. It’s for drivers only. It’s a safety issue, like maybe being hit by a car in line.

Author’s comment: Truck drivers, I have good news. Provincial Truck Inspection Stations, where you’re waved over for a dozen different reasons – being overweight is one of them – they are now installing porto potties, if I’m spelling it right, for your convenience . Ah, that’s a relief!

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