• Clarke Wallace


We’re lucky enough to have a wood stove (see below) in our solarium, the most used area of the house, off from the open kitchen.

The blue enamel stove takes up a small portion of the solarium. It rests on the obligatory fire-resistant material topped by a section of hundred-year-old ‘old’ brick.

We bought it from Vermont Castings, Inc. some years ago. It's a Resolute Acclaim. It has a prefabricated metal chimney rising up through the roof. It’s heavy for sure, weighing in at some 450 pounds (204 kms).

We have several bush cords of split hardwood delivered in late summer from north of us. It will last us through till spring.

The stove is made of cast iron and sits in the corner of the solarium looking as if it owns the place.

Author’s comment: It brings more than heat to the solarium and beyond. There’s this wonderful, undeniable scent, a feeling from it that lingers in the air.

I’ll swear in the off-season, it seems to be waiting for the winter ahead.

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