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To bring you up to speed, here’s what was in (my) Part One of writer Sally Couthard writing in the Globe and Mail


It involved the residents of Marsden, England, where sheep deserted the nearby countryside to move into town and munch on lawns of fresh green grass.

Despite a cattle grid, a deep hole in the ground topped by a series of iron bars to keep them away.

As for the two sheep we had beside us when I was young, they worked on digging a hole under the fence and crawling out from under it.

How did these other sheep slip into town unnoticed and get away with it? Villagers set up a reconnaissance brigade to figure it out. Here's what they discovered.

The sheep would lay down on their sides or backs and roll over and over across the bars’ and stand up on the other side. Undoubtedly proud of themselves.

Author’s comment: Ingenious? You bet. Scientists who study sheep discovered they have this ‘cognitive ability’ to work things out.

They became instant celebrities, far from being passive, meek and dumb. Let's look at them in a better light from now on.

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