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Updated: Nov 28, 2022

There’s nothing like planting yourself in front of the television these days to watch World Cup Soccer in AL RAYYA, QATAR. The best players matched up against each other playing with how many millions watching on TV. Thousands packed cheek to jowl in the stands.

It’s the first time in 36 years that Canada has a team. We lost to Belgium in the first round. We must remember we’re playing the best soccer teams in the world.

I’ve never played soccer, other than kicking a ball around for the fun of it. To play a full game would be exhausting. And say what you will, watching the pros play the game, there’s a lot of physicality to it. Elbows in the ribs; knees in the groins.

If there is one problem, it’s trying to get away from it when you’re watching on television. Get up to get a coke or coffee and you could miss the goal that puts your team ahead.

Author’s comment: If you are a soccer fan, go watch it; sit back and enjoy the greatest sporting event coming to us every four years. It’s slated to be held in Canada in 4 years: 2026. Can’t wait. “Oh my God,” these words streaming into my office from the kitchen. Two minutes into Canada’s game against Croatia and we score a goal! But later lose the game. 4-1

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