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For more years than I can remember, I had a notebook tucked away on me with pages that couldn’t be removed. Just as well. I wanted to keep what I wrote intact.

I would jot down my thoughts or what was happening around me.

Years' worth of my life written down: the good, the bad and the ugly.

Taking notes on what interested me slowed down to a trickle when I began – some eight/ten years ago – to write a weekly blog.

I have no idea how many friends, others check it out. What matters, I write one every Sunday. It’s a discipline sort of thing.

My blogs slowly replaced writing in my notebook. It’s a shame in a way. My better half mentioned it. “I miss you stopping anywhere to jot down a few notes,” she said. “No matter where we were. How inconvenient or not.”

Author’s comment: I’ll keep writing a weekly blog, for those who wonder every now and again what (Nathanael) Clarke Wallace is up to.

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