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Want to live longer? To a hundred? if you’re in good enough shape to enjoy it.

A good friend told me of a 100-year-old doctor who threw out the rules to replace them with his own on what NOT to do to live longer:

NEVER SMOKE. A foregone conclusion? How many can’t give it up? Or don’t even try. I smoked in my mid-teens and quit when I couldn’t figure out how to inhale.

NEVER RIDE A BIKE. Two wheelers. An accident ready to happen? You bet. It’s fascinating as it is how we talk our bodies and brains into balancing ourselves without falling over.

NEVER CLIMB ON A TRAMPOLINE: I’d never think of this one. Bounce up and make one lousy mistake on the way down to screw it up.

Author’s comment: Here’s for a change of pace: From my wife Rosanne who climbed into the car this morning. Something happened.

Rosanne: “We paid how much for our car? Enough to have nine different cameras showing what’s going on around us. Guess what? With all the complicated engineering that went into the car, we have a clock in it that can’t automatically change the time when needed at this time of year. Like most of ours at home. What a…(deleted).”

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