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There’s an old saying, ‘Time Flies when you’re having fun.

Have I got it wrong? Maybe. It seems to be flying by either

way. Whether you’re enjoying yourself or not.

There are moments when nothing seems to go right.

That’s when it’s best to sit back, take a deep breath. We

We must handle our ups and our downs.

Weather the storm. It will pass.

Writer’s comment: A change of pace. About our dogs.

A mother and daughter. ‘Coffee’. We didn’t name her.

We did her daughter ‘Rebelle’. It fits her to a tee.

I don’t know if German Shepherds are like other dogs.

They are so damn bright. We will say to them at nine at

night,” isn’t it time for you to go down to bed?”

A question, never a command. Coffee looks at us,

stretches and off she goes. Her daughter follows her down.

We follow them when the news on CBC TV ends.

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