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I often try to make sense of my laptop. It simplifies some things, causing havoc in others. Now I’m adjusting to Apps. Short, I’m told, for application. Well, new to me. They will apply certain programs onto your cell, laptop or whatever.

Should my definition cause confusion, here’s what its pamphlet says: ‘It is a program or group of programs that allows you to perform specific tasks.’ That's simply enough.

Specific tasks? Yes, like my Screenwriter 6, one of several systems making things so much simpler. It automatically lines up everything needed to write a script: character, action…etc.

Here’s an example of an app of my screenplay HARNESS THE WILD (‘An urban kid learns how rough-and-tumble Mother Nature can be when struggling to survive in her hostile wilderness.’)


An older van pulls onto the shoulder, skids, stops. It shakes as those inside bounce around changing places.


OK. Hmm, what’s this extra pedal for?

His younger sister SIGHS.


Oh, brother!


The clutch, Alex. Push it in to change gears.

There is a grinding of the gears and the van lurches, swerves, back onto the dirt road.

* * * *

All the writer has to do is fill in the dialogue, action…

I’m excited about another app. About birds. Wild birds. You spot one on a branch not too far off, and capture it on your cell phone.

Up comes the same bird on it with a text including its eating habits; about the song it sings and more.

Author’s comment: What I’m told – I’m usually the last to hear anything – there will, or already is, an app that identifies plants in the wild. You click it. Voila. Ca marche.

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