• Clarke Wallace


I came upon this heading not long ago and it caught my attention.


Below it in slightly lower type:

‘Retro-cool keyboards are back in style, thanks in part to social media, celebrity collectors and the joy of rediscovering technology.’

All this from Jana G. Pruden writing in the Toronto Star.

One photo showed a handful of old typewriters both portables and standards; the old heavy models that sit on a desk and go nowhere. Try picking one up, and you’ll know why


My eyes dropped down to paragraph eight. ‘Many typewriters, once given away or thrown in the trash, now sell for hundreds – even thousands – of dollars.’ Hmm.

Jana adds: ‘(Hello, Original Green Olivetti Valentine for $18,330, one of the holy grails of modern typewriters’ )

And, ‘Typewriters are - shift lock – HOT’.

Authors Comment: I nearly jumped out of my office chair. I bought one of the standards (see below) many years ago until switching to my first desktop computer. Followed by an HP laptop which I use at home and on the road. Message me if interested....

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