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For anyone who reads  the Saturday edition of the Toronto Star, I enjoy

its many Sections. Skip the headlines, I go straight to the MARKETPLACE.

It tells you what you’ll find: homes & condos for sale; country living;

open houses. Mind, we’re not in the market but it’s fascinating reading.

There are three portions on the same page that catch my attention:  REAL ESTATE

/BUSINESS/MERCHANDISE. Here you’ll find ‘Condos unfurn.’ etc. Under the subsection

EMPLOYMENT: Medical Professionals, Another: Skilled/Technical help:.

Machine repair technician.

              Yet another: ‘Scrap cars call me.’ More: ‘Companions’.  And more:

Draw Winners, Puppies for sale. Others: coins, stamps. Try this:

Attention: quilters & sewers.

 Authors comment: These, as mentioned, are  listed on one full page. Along

with ‘Notice of Bankruptcy.’  ‘Room for rent.’‘  Enough. Let’s get serious

and see what’s beyond the headlines. Like  the actual news, the editorial page.

The Sports. The comics and so on.

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