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watching tv

Last night, Saturday, we caught a television series streaming on

Amazon. It caught both our attention. And imagination.

It was a western called YELLOWSTONE, something you don’t

catch often on TV these days. Its shot in eye-catching Montana.

It seems Paramount paid a bundle to produce; full of cattle

and horses who charge around with a cast who seem to be out-

numbered by them.

The owner is John Dutton a beleaguered cowboy, owner of

the Dutton Ranch which spreads itself beautifully, visually across the

the home screen.

He has his hands full keeping the bad guys from stealing his cattle.

And that’s only a small part of his dilemma.

Writer’s comment: From what we learned later it had a massive

following last night of viewers. It stopped us from sneaking off to

the kitchen for the usual nightly snack.

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