• Clarke Wallace


Who can’t but enjoy the birds who forego flying south to remain here to embrace our cold winters. We help by keeping a large metal bird feeder, attached to a deck post, full of seed.

The birds sit outside my home office window on the wood railing waiting their turn. Among them are the mourning doves, the various sizes of woodpeckers. Who can’t forget the sparrows with their merry chirps.

And the squirrels. Some black, some grey. Even reddish/brown ones who find it frustrating not having easy access to metal container designed to keep them from eating more than their share.

Author’s comment: Here’s something that caught my eye, my sense of humor with the (newspaper) heading: ‘Norway has a Brief Request for Military Conscripts’.

It seems the military is struggling with dwindling supplies in part due to the pandemic.

‘Conscripts in Norway have been ordered to return their underwear, bras and socks after the end of their military service so that the next set of recruits can use them.’ Hmm.

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