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There was a time some years ago when we decided what our cedar-log home

needed a glassed-in solarium. off the open kitchen.

It wasn’t long before Rosanne and I decided, living somewhat

in the country, why not have a good old fashioned metal stove? And burn wood.

We chose a hefty, blue colored cast iron stove with a sort of old-fashioned look. It weighed four hundred pounds and took three burly guys to carry it into the house.

They installed the matching metal chimney rising up through a small wood

opening in the wood portion of the ceiling.

Author’s comment: Looking back we couldn’t have made a better choice.

We pick up two bush cords of hardwood each autumn. It lasts us througuntil spring.

Our intrepid son Nathaniel and a friend come without being asked to split and pile the wood

close to the house. It burns around the clock giving off a wonderful subtle woody smell along

with the heat.

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